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Apr. 1st, 2013

Bob Dylan with Shannon Kringen Dream: Inner Architecture Golden Ticket

Here is the amazing dream I had with Bob Dylan and Marion Woodman:

I had this comforting and reassuring dream days ago and it's still with me. I was in the daze the whole day after waking from this one. The atmosphere in this dream was very very strong. Felt solid and real.

Musician Bob Dylan was sitting next to me on brown velvet seats in an old bus...the seats squeaked when we shifted our weight while sitting.

In his beautiful Dylan voice he told me "Shannon, I am fascinated by your inner architecture." How do you know this?, I asked him. "I saw your video Amplified Chameleon" I looked at him puzzled..."You gave it to me remember?". "I want to see your book Shannon. Please show me aRt, Identity and the Sacred: they told me about it." He continued "I am moved by your depth and poetic nature. You are authentic like me. Your true nature is alive and awake. Don't let them stamp it out of you". I told him "My dad raised me on your music Bob, I love the way you change decade to decade." "Oh Good, you are one of those." He said and smiled at me touching my arm in loving way. I could smell his breath when he spoke to me and it was a sexy smell. His blue eyes were alert, sensitive, intelligent. "Come fly with me and my crew. We go to Oslo next. You are welcome to join us."

I felt another presence, I looked to my side and saw Jungian analyst Marion Woodman sitting next to me and Dylan. She smiled at me in as if to say "Trust yourself." Bob Dylan leaned over and kissed me on the lips passionately. My brain, heart and vagina all were effected in an energizing way by his kiss. The energy was powerful. "You are a rare gem just as Dylan is Shannon" Marion Woodman told me. I looked back towards Dylan and he was suddenly in another vehicle looking at me through the back window of an old silver car. He put his hand on the window towards me. Was he saying Good Bye to me or gesturing for me to come with them?

I looked back at Marion Woodman and asked her how I could get Dylans crew to let me join them with no papers? She handed me a golden ticket and told me "This will do the trick. The gates will open to you." I looked again at Dylan in the car driving away. It was in slow motion...Dylan blew a kiss to me and looked sad. I started crying...Dream faded out.
Even though this dream ended with some sadness, and a very unresolved sudden ending, the interactions with the Bob Dylan and the Marion Woodman archetypes affirmed for me to trust myself. It was a very healing dream.

December 15th 2011 by Shannon Kringen

dream involving tom petty, tori amos, eddie vedder, following my heart keeping faith

I was sitting in a "magic seat" in front of the van next to the windshield on the Tom Petty tour van. Facing him with ex boyfriend who is now my good friend. Tom Petty was in the drivers seat but the van was magically driving itself. No one was driving in a normal way. But we all felt safe. Girls kept coming up to Tom Petty all flirty eyed and winking and smiling and asking him to come “sit with them” and I knew it meant make out with them and that he had done that with them already even though he partly didn't want to because they were so young and he is happily married. Tom petty was counting money from t shirt and poster sales and writing it all down with a green pen in a purple notebook. He looked concerned. In walks a  lady in white lacy shirt with a very distinct see through pattern at the bottom front of the shirt (strait brown hair, brown eyes) very young was pregnant slightly and telling us how to do leg stretches. I noticed she had on little black ankle boots and black leggings. He heels and ankles could bend more than 180 degrees around in a circle but less than 360.  I guess my ex and I were sitting facing everyone else on the bus like we were their audience?  Our seat was floating and not attached to the floor of the vehicle. 

I also wanted to make out with Tom Petty but not as a groupie. I wanted to be his wife or at least real girlfriend that he truly loved. I hesitated to hell him this and sat their shyly watching Tom Petty count money and interact with girl after girl sitting next to him. What I really wanted to tell him was how I heard his song "Refugee" on a juke box when I was 11 and it changed my life. That song helped me deal with feeling like a refugee from San Diego when we moved to Whidbey Island. My mom took me away from California and sunny San Diego against my wishes and the rest of our family.

Suddenly the dream cut to me walking home alone on a rainy street and seeing a rusty old metal sign that said “even/no FLOW” and I knew Eddie Vedder (lead singer of pearl jam who is friends and has performed with tom petty) . I knew Eddie Vedders soul was watching me from the clouds above and he cared about me and wanted ME to love myself and find authentic loving romantic relationships.  He knew I COULD HEAL enough to find a loving and sexually connected partnership with a man.   I was crying my eyes out in my head but not literally while walking. Another deeper part of me was crying while the surface me was just walking quietly and looking at the shiny rain soaked streets and amber street lights in the fog making interesting patterns. I had intense empathy for Tom Petty about having a nice mom who told him he could “do anything he dreamed of” and his dad who beat him and wanted him to go hunt and fish when all tom petty wanted to do what stay in his room and listen to music while other kinds played outside. Wanted to thank tom petty for “following his dream”. So glad the contrast of his parents seemed to PROPELL him to follow his passion for music and be an artist full time and not let anyone distract him from his dream, his songwriting and his amazing chemistry and relationship with the musicians in his band “the heartbreakers” who have known each other since the teen years! (they are not 60 year olds!)

 great dream. I feel a little frustrated. A recurring pattern in my dreams is me wanting to “speak up” about something and then being afraid of being judged by the other people in the dream so I keep quiet. My dreams usually involve famous people I think because I want to be a famous artist myself and because I am so deeply affected by music,art,theatre,movies etc. and I pay more attention to performing artists than I do to people who are personal friends/family etc. I love performing and visual arts and like to have as much of my life focused on watching and creating visual/performing art as possible. .

 last night I saw Tori Amos live in Seattle for her “night of hunters” tour and Tom Petty music played before and after the show. I think this triggered the dream. Plus Tori Amos is very shamanistic with her music. Intense stuff shining light on dark things many don't want to look at. She is all about diving in deep to the psyche and not denying ANYTHING at all. Also her lyrics are sometimes in “code” and very abstract/metaphorical. Tom Petty and Tori Amos are my two favorite songwriters and performers currently. Something about them both connects in my head. I sort of see them as “mythic” figures who comfort me with their music and tell me “follow your heart, listen to it Shannon. You will be okay if you do this, you will find your way. Let go of your worry and keep on your authentic path”.

Funny I also had my “dream tending” book in my backpack while at the Tori Amos show. I wonder if that book gives off energy of “pay attention and have vivid dreams and tend them”. I slept with the book next to me also...Basically I use the artists I enjoy the work of as shamanic guides reflecting wisdom back to me- almost like reading tarot cards- the wisdom is in what I SEE IN THEM not the cards themselves.  the magic is within ME and all of us. 


i wanna be on the "wild side" of the fence.

[Jun. 17th, 2009] 

i had a dream about moving out in this strange house in the country way way way far from the city- with narrow paths hard to walk through and some macho sherrif person telling me "no bicycles on the sidewalk here m'am". creepy especially since i saw NO SIDEWALKS anywhere! there was a HUGE fence near our house that kept the bears and any animal over 50 pounds on the other side away from humans with weird threatening signs explaining this. there was a giant rock wall under the electric metal fence and a steep grade hill leading up to it.

the tiny house we moved into was made of wood and plastic yogurt containers and it smelled like sour yogurt!
our cats didn't like it there and told us with their eyes. we had a black dog suddenly that was a 'mandatory' guard dog 4 living in the community they told us. it seemed like a sweet dog at first but them it changed from long black hair to light grey whenever it "spoke". the dog would start talking and then i realized it was a person in a fur dog suit with grey face paint on and really bad acne that looked painful! this person said they hated dressing up like a dog and wanted to be their real self again and get out of this dog costume!

as soon as this fake dog stopped talked they would turn back into a real dog and the fur would go from light grey back to black. there was some strange triple decker elavator car ramp freeway too that very hard to explain with spiral staircase cement ramps all over and i kept getting lost on my bicycle trying to find my friend with his car to put my bike on the rack. our two cats and our new dog were following me and i was worried about all the cars driving near us.

whenever i would go to the house we lived in my legs would scrape on the branches of shrubs on the extremely narrow trail along a steep hill by our home. i kept almost tripping over the very worn in rough patch of dirt with grass and plants surrouding it. i would guess this "trail path" was only 2 inches wide! very hard to walk on and keep your balance. we had to park a mile away and walk the trail to the house. my bicycle wouldn't even work on this trail it was so narrow.

there were all these little white plastic containers hanging from out porch of petunia flowers. they were not in dirt though. they were growing in white plastic bags and white rocks. no dirt anywhere to be seen. these plants "told" me in their telepathic way they were not happy and wanted real soil and not stupid white rocks and white plastic bags trapping them. they were alive but wilting. i was totally confused about why they were planted this way. i got the feeling it was not up to me to change it and i would be in trouble if i tried to plant them the normal way in soil.

then suddenly i felt a rabbit run passed my feet as i was gazing at the big fence keeping the "wild animals" separate from the humans. the rabbit was running away from "bad people" who were cruel to animals. the rabbit looked at me and i told it with my eyes telepathically that i would not harm it or interfere with it's running and i would let it go wherever it wanted... i felt sad and like i wanted to be on the "wild" side of the fence.

very creepy but fascinating dream!



hanging out with tom petty's wife dream! what a trip

 [May. 30th, 2009]

a dream

i met tom petty's wife. at first i was sad and jealous of her and thought she would be mean to me...but in this dream she hugged me and told me she understood "many women wanna spend time alone with tom making love and want tom to seranade them around a beach fire etc he's a wonderful handsome talented man i married. i totally get it and have empathy for you and the others who feel this way".

in this dream i found this comforting and not embarrassing to be told this...her and i walked all over this huge outdoor park that looked very disneylandish...we told each other about our entire life story thus far from childhood till now- then she invited me to "the set" of tom's newest video. we traded business cards and planned to "trade some creative ideas and things" in the near future. i reminded her that i paint shoes and hats and guitar straps- whatever you and tom want i said and abstract canvas too and i am a good photographer. i showed her my sample photos of some magical miniature laptop i had in my pocket and she told me "dazzling shannon just dazzlingly unique work". (i remember feeling proud of myself for being so open with her and having the AUDACITY to boldly state my desires and ambitions with her and not worry if she liked me or not- i just had to speak my truth and let her have whatever opinion about me she wanted. this felt good and freeing.

we both watched tom petty and his band on the huge suondstage set- even got to hear tom argue with the director of the video about a scene he wanted to do "his way" and the director had different ideas. tom wouldn't "back down" and the director eventally let tom do the scene his way! tom's wife introduced me to tom and they both told me "yes shannon you can make out with tom" it's ok. we don't mind. so then suddenly i was sitting alone on a soft bright green velvet couch with tom petty making out with him kissing passionately. it was beautiful and he kept telling me "don't worry" this is natural and from the heart.

then suddenly i was back alone with tom's wife walking into a huge warehouse art studio that had very shiny freshly painted grey floors and big metal black shelves. i noticed two relatives of mine who are both artists in the room standing on pedastals smiling from ear to ear. "we sold all our inventory shannon! it's great! we can now move to ireland for good and let life go on".

tom petty's wife wanted to then buy the rest of the inventory of their artwork- some oil paintings and huge clay vessels. i'll buy them all she said. just ship them to our house in encino and you guys go to ireland! tom and i will visit you all there and have a concert in your livingroom. just cook us a good dinner ok?

i will show tom your photos shannon and you must come to at least 35% of the shows and take photos up close of the band live on stage ok? and publish a book of it ok?"

what a dream of a dream.

usually my dreams are very stressful and full of loose ends and anxiety and things not going my way or me feeling afraid to say what i really think and feel and ask for what i want- or fear of what others think of me. or some weird sense of shame. this dream was a breath of fresh air. i woke up smiling!

i'm thankful for that magcial dream.



giant tiger falling from the sky and crushing a condo

[May. 23rd, 2009]


slept in late this morning. needed the rest. it's always been a bit challenging for me to fall asleep- then once i am asleep i don't like to wake up- i feel like i am climbing or swimming deep into the ocean when i sleep and diving way way way down into some other world for a while. like alice in her rabbit hole.

i had a bizarre intense scary dream.

i was inside with two of my friends and looked up at the sky through a floor to ceiling window and saw a tall condo building with lots of potted blooming flowers on the balconies. i thought "how pretty to have so many flowers blooming right now...and how fragile and temporary they all are. i hope they last a long time" then i sensed something bad was going to happen. i looked up at the clear blue sky and saw a giant tiger the size of a football stadium falling from the sky. it didn't seem alive though. it was a hybrid of a real furry tiger and an inflatible kind they use in parades in nyc. i partly thought it was a funny sight but it was falling straight down towards us and the condo next door. i braced myself then saw this giant tiger CRUSH the condo next to ours. i saw balconies and flower pots fall sideways onto the ground. i saw people running out and escaping and knew some people were inside probably crushed to death. yuck! i felt lucky this giant tiger didn't fall unto us. i told my friends who were busy in the basement playing music. they just laughed at me and said "we are not worried shannon. these things happen in life. relax!".

suddenly i decided to "upzip" the roof of our living space. i climbed up a ladder and literally pulled a big zipper sideways we had near our ceiling all the way around the house. the roof came off and i could get a good view of the sky.

i saw all these moon like things in the sky. but they were orange in color and not white like the moon is. but they looked like "clones" of the moon partly waning and with crator patterns and slightly transparent looking but bright orange like those things they have to warn airplanes near the ground of wires in the sky.

i was thinking "did nasa put up a bunch of orange moon like satellites in space and not tell us?" i was wondering if these were related to the giant tiger that fell out of the sky...then i saw people crying next door at the crushed condo building. they needed help and i heard sirens on the way to help them. i also saw people from many different countries holding up signs that said "the united states military killed 19,000 in our country" and each person had a different number listed on their signs and they were nodding like "now it's your turn to lose some people to the giant tiger. these sign holders looked sad not angry. they looked like they were wisher the world would be more peaceful and sad that the military continues to bomb and kill many many people." these people were very skinny and obviously needed food and shelter and for someone to acknowledge the reality of what is happening in the world internationally with war and from the people in power who have most of the weapons and power to kill others en masse. they looked homeless and sad and lost.

i also noticed many skyscrapers and the space needle we have in seattle was wrapped in huge white fabric that hugged it with giant zipper. kind of like a big sleeping bag all around the building to "cushion" it or hide it from something. i was wondering "why will happen next? and who is really in charge and doing this stuff?"

then suddenly the orange moon like things started falling from the sky very rapidly. they turned from looking like the size of the moon to rubber beach balls. they turned color from orange to red/white and blue striped. they made a hissing sound as they fell. they looked like toys but i said outloud "don't trust these as being toys. they are some kind of strange military device that might harm us".

i grabbed my camera and ran out of our open roofed house to take photos of this strange event. i then saw many flashing lights from police cars and a train with a big truck on the tracks that derailed it with big giant chains in the shape of handcuffs surrounding the train. i saw people on the train that were commuting back home from work and they looked shocked and uneasy and scared.

then someone tried to grab me. i screamed at this person and told him "no way you are taking me. i don't support this war. i am sorry it's happening and wish i could stop it". i grabbed this man on his neck where i saw a button like frankenstein has and he strunk from a 6 foot person to a 2 foot miniature person. his voice sounded all munchkin like as i shrank him like he inhaled helium! or like the little people in the wizard of oz. i was less afraid of him when he was small.

this is a recurring theme in my dreams of GIANT and MINIATURE people, places and things. shrinking and expanding on their own sometimes but usually i have the power in my dreams to make them get bigger or smaller. i think it's because alice in wonderland had a big impact on me as a kid. i am fascinated by scale and relativity and how things shrink and expand depending on the way we look at them.

alice in wonderland
the wizard of oz
james and the giant peach
charlie and the chocolate factory
the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

all had a big effect on me in childhood and still do apparently! powerful symbolism in all those stories.

the dream ended with me running back home trying to find my two friends. i was able to jump 20 feet high over our house and into the living room that had no roof as i unzipped it! i sort of bounced like a bunny into the house. the dream was stressful but exciting at the same time.

i feel better now after writing this down. like i can let this go.




[May. 11th, 2009]

just woke up from intense dream "vinettes"...

one scene morphed into another very rapidly.

a 500 pound lion tried to attack me while i was trying to assemble some strange intricate white wood paneling in some new house we were forced to move into. the lion walked right into the front door and growled at me and then blew hot air on me to scare me. i then chased him out and got my cats inside where they could be safe. the lion then walked right through the glass on a sliding glass door. he magically melted the glass with his tongue.

then i charged towards the lion knowing i had to grab him on his neck and push on the exact spot that would make him shrink from 500 pounds to 50 pounds. i remember feeling sad like it's either him or me that's gonna get hurt. i was able to shrink him down and then lift him up and squeeze his mouth shut. he kept snapping his jaw. very scary even when he was much smaller. i then lifted him up and hit him against a cement step which broke his jaw. this was gross and i felt awful about hurting him. he went limp when i did this. i felt sorry for him and guilty about doing it but kept reminding myself i had to do this to get the lion to not attack me or hurt my cats and boyfriend.

then suddenly i was on an airplane flying through snow covered mountains. we were flying like 20 feet away from mountains! and i saw some giant 6 feet tall troll like people with long dark scraggely beards and pointed bright green felt hats running on the tops of the mountains laughing and pointing at the airplane. no one on the plane seemed to notice these creatures out the window except me. these troll people had bells in their hands they were waving around and mariachi band type style pants on with white stripes down the legs with bells attached that made a pleasant wind chime like sound.

i remember thinking it would be good to have one of these men aboard the plane with us to protect us. i then made one of them "melt through the window" without causing any danger to the plane- and he was on the plane next to me. no one made a sound on the plane and i got the feeling it was my little secret. he held my hand. i thought he was very handsome with a sparkle in his eyes yet a little scary looking- like a very wild person with very long fingernails that were dirty and he smelled like a horse that needed a bath. he was also barefoot with long toenails. he had hoof like thick callousy pads on his feet. not human looking feet. a morph between human and bear feet or something?

then suddenly i was meeting someone to go model with. a male figure model and me we hired to pose together. this rarely happens in real life- but occasionally i pose with a male or female model...i saw this person on his balcony watering tomato plants in the sun. i then flew over to him from about 100 yards away. flying was fun! then he said "lets play the flute i will teach you" but we have to model i said. we will be late. he said ok nevermind. then we were in this weird cement basement area in his building with cracks all over and a huge fishtank with very shiny fish- big classic orange fish swimming and i noticed a big fuzzy bumble bee swimming underwater and smiling at us. i had to get my camera out after watching him for a good 20 seconds or so- as soon as i had my camera out he vanished and i could not film him. the man i was with acted like "whats the big deal about a bumble bee swimming underwater" and i felt mad at him for not agreeing with me that it was exotic and special and needed to be filmed! i was stressed out about being late to our modeling gig too. stressful dreams. nothing got resolved in these dreams and one jumped to another. this is a pattern i have in my dreams that bugs me! i wish i could learn to enjoy my dreams more and not take them so seriously and be more lucid in my dreams and experiment with taking different actions.


greener me & beam me up scotty dream

[May. 10th, 2009]

Originally uploaded by shannonkringen

had vivid dreams last night of triangular apartment above an art gallery. eddie veddar lived there and was trying to teach me some "how to live wisdom" stuff? copper triangular shaped sinks and metal fixtures all over the apartment. even a triangular shaped toilet!

in this dream i had to visit a health food store and buy this little tiny clear plastic triangular shaped container that had some kind of magical herbal remedy in it that would heal all wounds- as long as i took no more than 10 drops per day they told me. i thought $25.00 was too much for it and kept wanting to find a way to get it for free. then i judged myself for being so cheap!

then i saw some scary older man wearing all white who dropped a woman from a balcony and she fell on some old irish wall type rocks (like they have in ireland in the farmlands) below and she crushed her skull and was all bloody and i felt like it was my job to save her and make sure the man who dropped her didn't see me. he had this huge camera with paparazzi type lens on it- the kind of lens i should have to get good zoom in zoo animal shots...he was watching me and i was scared to go and save this woman...i went over to her and remember thinking i had better make myself and her disappear like on star trek and "beam me up scotty" it out of there fast. i kept hearing a sraping sound on the rocks like someone was using a metal fork and scraping on the rocks to make an unpleasant sound and i remember thinking "ignore that sound. they are just trying to get you to leave. you must save this woman

the rest of the dream is fading but there was a lot more that happened...


This page features descriptions of some of my most vivid dreams.  We all dream-- some dreams make us wake up in a cold sweat, while others are so pleasant that we wish we'd never wake.  Some believe that dreams are portals to our deepest desires and fears, and by looking back on them, we can learn more about our true selves.  Our dreams may seem somewhat confusing at first, but one must simply look deeper and be open to acknowledging their meanings.  As you'll read below, dreams will include people, places, and images that conjure up certain special meanings to each of us.  One might have a dream about Tom Petty, Tori Amos, Keith Sweat, or even Eddie Vedder if these people or their songs draw up emotions that need attention.  Take a look at some of my dreams I've outlined below, if you'd like to try to understand me a little better, and why not try the same with your dreams, too.



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